National University of Natural Medicine                                                   Portland, OR

Professor of Immunology                                                                                          October 2011-present

Associate Immunology Professor                                                              April 2001-2011

Special Project: Development of Master’s of Science

of Global Health Program                                                                           August 2013-2015

Special Project: Development of Master’s of Science

of Nutrition Degree Program                                                       Sept 2012 – 2014

Special Project: Development of the Master’s of Science

of Integrative Medicine Degree Program                                  August 2010-2012

Special Project: Development and Implementation of

Research Mentoring Program for Faculty                                 Sept 2011 – present

Special Project: Development and Implementation of

Faculty Development Program                                                   Sept 2012 – present


Immunology                                                                                                  April 2001-present

Integrative Immunology                                                                              Sept 2007-present

Vaccination Elective                                                                                   Nov 2005- present

Evidence Informed Practice                                                                       Sept 2007-present

Cellular Systems                                                                                                         April 2002-2011

Microbiology                                                                                                April 2005-2007

Research and Biostatistics                                                                                         April 2002- 2010

Introduction to Cancer (Genetics)                                                             April 2002-present

Teaching and Learning                                                                                April 2013-present

Grant-writing                                                                                                April 2013-present

Vaccine Balancing Act (CE Course)                                                         Nov. 2005-2011

Gut Immunology (CE Course and Elective)                                                            March 2004-present

Naturopathic Research (CE Course)                                                         June 2002

Technology for Naturopathic Physicians (CE Course)                                         June 2002

Immunology Update (CE Course)                                                             December 2001

Oregon Mini-Med School Organizer                                                        2009-2010

Resident Education Seminars                                                                    2007-present

Seminars, Lectures and Workshops


Parkinson’s Disease Foundation                                                             Webinar

Nutrition and Parkinson’s Disease                                                                           September 2015

International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research    Jeju, Korea

Evidence-informed practice for traditional and integrative medicine

clinician educators: An instructional workshop                     May 2015

Evidence Based Medicine Road Show                                                    Toronto, CAN

Evidence Based Medicine workshop for                                                 Phoenix, AZ

CAM clinicians and faculty                                                                       Austin, TX



Van Andel Institute Parkinson’s Conference                                       Grand Rapids, MI

Nutrition and Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease                                     November 2015

Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine                            Santa Fe, NM

Gut Immunology                                                                                                         October 2015

Science and Connection: Integrative Health and Medicine                             San Diego, CA

Integrative Approaches to Inflammation                                                  October 2015

Pain Society of Washington                                                                     Vancouver, WA

Placebo Effect and Pain Immunity                                                                           May 2014

Onc-ANP 4th Annual Conference                                                                           Phoenix, AZ

Chemotherapy and Immunosuppression                                                  February 2014

NW Pain Society – SPINE Symposium                                                  Vancouver, WA

Psychoneuroimmunology of Pain: How Personality,                                            March 2013

Nutrition, and Behavior Shape Experience


International Association of Medical Science Educators                 International Webinar

Curriculum Design to Promote Research Literacy                                 January 2013

International Association of Medical Science Educators                 Portland, OR

Case Reports: Translating Clinical Insights into Science                      June 2012

Featured Symposium: Clinical Research Literacy Curriculum

International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health

State of the Science of Naturopathic, Chiropractic, and Asian                           Portland, OR

Oriental Medicine                                                                                        May 2012

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Integrative Medicine Conference

Invited Keynote Speaker                                                                            Tulsa, OK

Cancer and Immunity                                                                                  November 2011

Restorative Medicine Conference                                                                         Portland, OR

Invited Speaker: Vaccines and the Immune System                               October 2011

7th Annual Pacific NW Excellence in Breast and Gynecologic Care Conference

Invited Speaker: Evidence for Mushrooms in Cancer                                          Portland, OR

October 2011

International Association of Medical Science Educators                 St. Petersburg, FL

Competency in Research Literacy                                                                           June 2011

Symposium for Portland Area Research in Complementary and

Alternative Medicine (SPARC) Conference                                         Portland, OR

Pre-conference workshop: Active Teaching Strategies                         April 2011

Workshop: A Comparison of 6 Student Research Programs


Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference

and Research Agenda Conference                                                          Las Vegas, NV

Workshop: How to Teach and Apply Evidence Based Practice                          March 2011


Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds – Legacy                                    Portland, OR

Invited Speaker: Evidence for Mushrooms in Cancer Treatment        February 2011


Women’s Health and Autoimmunity Conference                               Portland, OR

Invited Speaker: Autoimmunity: what goes wrong?                               October 2010

California Association of Naturopathic Doctors Conference          Los Angeles, CA

Invited Speaker: Cytokines and Autoimmunity                                      October 2010

Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Conference                                Portland, OR

Invited Speaker: Pediatric Development and Vaccination                    May 2010

Arizona Association of Naturopathic Doctors Conference                             Phoenix, AZ

Invited Speaker: Immune Response to Vaccination                               May 2010

Symposium for Portland Area Research in Complementary and

Alternative Medicine (SPARC) Conference                                         Portland, OR

Invited Speaker: Evidence Based Natural Medicine                                             April 2010

North American Research in Complementary and Integrative      Minneapolis, MN

Medicine Conference                                                                                 May 2009

Changing the Culture of CAM Institutions Toward and Evidence-

Based Approach-One R25 at a Time

Collaborating Across Disciplines to Develop Joint Degree

Programs in CAM and Integrative Medicine

Practice Based Research Networks: Meeting the Challenge of Reflecting

CAM Clinical Practice

How Can CAM Research Better Reflect CAM Practice?

Vaccine Balancing Act                                                                              Portland, OR

Continuing Education Course for Naturopathic Physicians                 2005-2011

St. Olaf College                                                                                           Northfield, MN

The Relationships between International Traditional Medicine and

Complementary and Alternative Medicine                               May 2009, 2010

Current Research in Complementary and Alternative Medicine                        May 2009, 2010

United Nations                                                                                             New York, NY

Meeting the Global Challenge of Cancer                                                 April 2007

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Conference

Research: Past, Present, and Future                                                                         August 2008

Five Measures of Personality and Relationship to Health                    August 2006

Effects of Echinacea, Glyccerrhiza, and Astragalus on CD69 and

CD25 Expression in Human Subjects: Pilot Study                  August 2006


Symposium for Portland Area Research in Complementary

And Alternative Medicine                                                                        Portland, OR

Conference Organizer                                                                                 2006-2010

Methodological Challenges in Reiki Research                                       April 2006

Workshop: Models for teaching Evidence Based Natural Medicine   April 2009

Transforming the Mind: Consciousness in Medicine                         Portland, OR

Conference Organizer                                                                                 March 2008

Portland State University                                                                         Portland, OR

Natural Medicine Research, MPH Program                                                            May 2006

Mind Body Medicine, Parapsychology course (Guest Lecture)                          2006-2009

Oregon Health and Sciences University                                                Portland, OR

Psychoneuroimmunology (Biological Basis of Disease)                       May 2004-2008

Biological Basis of Disease (Case Study Group Leader)                       May 2004

Naturopathic Research (CAM Lecture Series)                                        May 2003


Evergreen State College                                                                                          Olympia, WA

Invited Speaker:  Psychoneuroimmunology                                                           April 2003-2008

Invited Speaker:  Immunology and Virology                                                          October 2002, May 2005


Oregon College of Oriental Medicine                                                    Portland, OR

Immunology of Vaccines                                                                            June 2004

Research Methodology in Natural Medicine                                                          February 2007

Keystone Symposium                                                                                 Keystone, CO

Workshop on Dendritic Cells                                                                    March 2003

February 2007, 2008

Pontificia Universidade Catolica Do Rio Grange Do Sol                  Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Immunotherapy with Dendritic Cells  (Course)                                      July 2002

Presentation of Self Antigens by Dendritic Cells (Lecture)                  July 2002

Instituto Nacional de Cancer                                                                   Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Immunology of Dendritic Cell Antigen Presentation (Lecture)                           July 2002

Yale University                                                                                                          New Haven, CT

Multiple Sclerosis Short Course                                                                February 2002

Histology Course Co-Instructor                                                                 Sept. 2000-Apr. 2001

Keystone Symposium                                                                                 Taos, NM

Cell Biology of Self Antigen Presentation                                               March 2001

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center                                  Denver, CO

Immunology Graduate Program Enrichment Course                                             Sept. 1996-June 1998

Curriculum Planning Committee for Molecular

and Cellular Graduate Course                                                       Nov. 1997-June 1998

High School Outreach Immunology Program                                          Dec.  1995-Dec. 1998